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What is a Beer Growler

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Growler - Individual

There are some nights when you need to impress your guests and call for some freshly tapped, quality and frothy draught beer. The flourishing growth of craft breweries and the growing popularity for more quality craft beer has also led to an emerging market for beer growlers. They are commonly sold at breweries and brew pubs as a means to sell take-out craft beer. Beers bottled in growlers are more uncommonly found in retails. Beer growlers have been around since a very long time, and even today, people are using growlers to keep their beer fresh for longer period. But, many people still do not know what exactly a beer growler is.

Let’s start with history of Growlers. Storing beer in bottles is the only way people used to carry. Glass jars, bucket, and jugs were came as forerunners to carry beer from one place to another. It was usually known as ‘Bucket Trade’.

It was mostly the children, who used to rush growlers for their parents and others. But the term “Growling” had been always in disputes, as there was a continuant conflict between two parties, which were barterders and customers. Conflict was the that customers wanted a full bucket, whereas bartenders were filling only a two-quart bucket with a pint of beer. So, to find a solution for this problem, Growlers with proper measurements were manufactured, which then solved this problem for both parties.

You might have seen the cool looking amber coloured bottles with handles in beer pubs and breweries these days. Not only they store beer well, it also make it easy to carry it from one place to another. Growlers have some other advantages as well.


  1. Access to Fresh Beer

Heading straight to breweries for refilling beer gives access to fresh beer every time. With a growler, you are guaranteeing yourself a tasty and fresh beer poured for you, which is no really possible with bottles and cans every time. You can also taste some special flavors, straight away from tasting room, which are not made public. Once the bottle is fixed to the airtight tap, it is immediately pressurized with carbon dioxide while being filled. This prevents oxidization and loss of carbonation, maintaining fresh, fizzy beer.

     2. Amber Color Protects the Beer

Not only does the bottle in amber color looks amazing, amber color maintains the taste and freshness of beer. The amber colour of beer growler ensures protection of beer from harmful rays of sunlight. Sunlight can break down the integrity of beer.

   3. Contribute in Saving the Environment

Growlers are reusable and can be recycled. Refill the growler from microbrewery nearby, instead of buying beer bottle and cans. Throwing cans away can increase carbon footprint. With growlers, you can at least have the peace of mind that you did something good for the nature.


  1. Pricey
The main drawback attached to beer growlers is that they are more expensive. A new growler can actually cost a bit more than what you pay for beer bottles and cans. However, a beer growler  can be recycled, and is an alternative for  a more quality beer when compared to beer bottles and cans.