Surprising Health Benefits Of Craft Beer

In Articles by Leonard Tan

For years and years, red wine has received all the hype when it comes to the health benefits of alcoholic beverages, but craft-beer-benefits-singaporethis time invigorating health drink known as craft beer is going to catch all limelight because it has several health benefits and you can indulge with this drink without any guilt.

Before we begin, there should be couple of things clear. Firstly, it’s all about craft beer not that fizzy yellow stuff known as mainstream macro beers and second is binge drinking. All the health benefits come into play when a person consume it in moderation which means only one or two glasses of beers per day and for women one beer glass per day. On the flip side, overindulgence on a regular basis will not only negate health benefits, but also create its own host of health issues.

Following are just a few of the reasons why craft beers are good for health:

Craft beer is good for heart

It is commonly heard that the only alcoholic beverage that is good for heart health is wine, but the matter of fact is that beer contains antioxidants which is good not only for heart but also for a variety of things. A major ingredient of beer is hops that contains polyphenols that lowers cholesterol and fight with certain types of cancer.

Craft beer relieves stress

  Everyone’s life is stressful, hardly one or two might not be stressful, but if you drink craft beer, there is no need to worry about blood pressure. According to a research, woman who drink moderate amount of beer had lower blood pressures than those who consumed other alcoholic beverages including wine.

Craft beer has bone-building benefits

  You must have heard about value of eating green leafy vegetables and fruits for bone building benefits. Little did anyone know that if you have turned 21 and started consuming beer and that too, craft beer, it contains both calcium and silicon. Calcium helps in building strong bones, teeth and nails. If you are swigging one or two drinks daily, you must have high bone density.

Craft beer helps with cognitive function and memory disorders

If some disease like Alzheimer disease or other types of dementia run in your family, or you have a tendency to be forgetful and worry about memory issues, Beer can certainly help you. According to a study, moderate drinkers are 23% less likely to develop memory issues, Alzheimer’s disease, or other types of dementia.

If the above reasons are not enough to convince moderate consumption of beer, then the fact that beer can increase your life span is enough to force you guzzle one beer per day. Yes, it’s true and has improved mortality rate by 20-30%”.

Undeniably, beer is not only pleasurable but also a tasty drink having several health benefits just like or may be more than wine. So, there is no reason to feel guilty about moderate consumption of craft beer and make no more delays to reach for craft beer to get the most bang for your buck.